Annual ViewAnnual View displays and manages all your calendars’ events within a year view, in a clear way and on a single page!

You want to see all your calendars’ events for a complete year on the same calendar view?
In a clear and accurate manner?
And be able to access and modify any day, just by placing your finger on it?

Annual View tries to meet the challenge thanks to the following features:

★★★ 6 Views are available ★★★

✺ 3 Yearly Views

✺ a Biannual View

✺ a Quarterly View

✺ a Monthly View

  • To be able to distinguish any event on the year, letters and colors are used
  • A character between parenthesis in your event description, will be displayed on the associated day on your year view
  • This character could be customized (color, aspect) by defining it as a category
  • If you manage multiple calendars (personal, school holidays…), it’s really easy to change the aspect of all calendar’s events in a single gesture by editing the Annual View calendar’s preferences
  • Double tap on a day to edit or add an event
  • You want to zoom an area of your year view? Spread your fingers on the needed area
  • To move between years, swipe your finger on an empty area on the screen, or use the arrows icons, and your year view will slide on the asked direction
  • The cursor doesn’t suit you? No problem, change its color and aspect as you want
  • You want to see some events as a time line? Edit its category or its calendar to see the need representation
  • How to display some events before others? Move the categories or the calendars order from the most to the least important and your year view will be updated accordingly

And much more …


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